Get off the radar with the USA’s hidden treasures

Get off the radar with the USA’s hidden treasures

Get off the radar with the USA’s hidden treasures

The USA is one of the world’s most exciting, diverse and expansive countries. So, it comes as no surprise that within its vastness lies a multitude of hidden treasures to be uncovered. Here are just five of them to consider for your next travel adventure. 

La Push, Washington

Image via Wikimedia

For a true hidden treasure head to La Push, situated on Washington’s northeast coast and surrounded by the dense forest of the Olympic Peninsula. Inhabited mostly by the Ancient Quileute Indian tribe, La Push has surged in recent years as a hotspot for fishing, exploring the Olympic National Park or simply relaxing in this quiet small town.

Natural beauty isn’t hard to find here at La Push, so make sure you embrace it. Its beaches, forests and rivers make for some stunning scenery that often goes unnoticed.

If you’re a Twilight fan, this destination may appeal to you even more – La Push featured in New Moon, its scenery making for one of the film’s most beautiful scenes. So, why not see it for yourself?

Glacier National Park, Arizona

Image via Pixabay

National parks are one of the USA’s greatest assets, as echoed by 1Cover, and Arizona’s Glacier National Park is a total reminder of that. Often slipping under the radar compared to its more well-known contenders – Yellowstone being the first one that springs to mind – Glacier National Park is a place of sheer natural beauty, far removed from civilisation and allowing nature to take over.

Nicknamed the “Crown of the Continent”, Glacier spans from the USA into Canada, covering over a million acres in total. Within these million acres you’ll find vast lakes, towering mountains and, of course, glaciers. No less than 25 of them, in fact.

Whether you want to hike, sightsee or simply retreat in the wilderness, Glacier National Park has it all and more.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Image via Pixabay

Tourists often flock to Nashville when visiting Tennessee – understandably, of course, considering its worldwide reputation. However, there’s another town within the state that’s easily worthy of just as much attention.

Chattanooga is one of Tennessee’s most cherished spots, and for good reason. With natural beauty in spades as well as a charming yet thriving town to explore, it’s certainly a destination that shouldn’t slip under your radar.

From Lookout Mountain to Ruby Falls – the world’s largest underwater waterfall – through to the town’s multiple bars, restaurants and concert venues, it feels like the Nashville that only you will know about. For a secret escape, Chattanooga could be the perfect destination.

Bellaire, Michigan

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With a current population of just over 1,000, it doesn’t get more “small town” than Bellaire. Michigan’s hidden gem offers a lot within its tiny space, though, from a charming downtown district with a one-screen cinema and small bars and restaurants to discover, to the nearby Traverse City with its beautifully quiet beaches and lakes.

Despite Bellaire’s sleepy allure, there’s most certainly energy to be uncovered here in this tiny Michigan town. The lakes you’ll find here play home to water sports such as tubing and pontooning – if you’re not looking to spend your time unwinding in a waterside cabin, of course.

For a sincerely quiet escape from the bustle and noise of everyday life, Bellaire is awaiting you with open arms. It’s a warm, quaint town that deserves your attention.

Islamorada, Florida

Image via Wikimedia

 The Florida Keys are often the destination of choice for visitors heading to the south of the state, and Islamorada lies hidden within the region, boasting a laidback and genuine vibe throughout. With art galleries, renowned fishing and a Theater of the Sea to be experienced here, it’s certainly an escape unlike any other.

Situated only an hour and a half away from Miami International Airport, Islamorada is easily accessible for any traveller from anywhere in the world – and great transport links make it all the easier.

And if you’re a night owl, this town truly comes alive when the sun goes down. Islamorada has the perfect harmony of tranquillity and energy – it’s up to you to discover it.

Do you know of any more hidden spots in the US we should know about? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.



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