What to see during your first visit to USA

What to see during your first visit to USA

What to see during your first visit to USA

The United States of America- As majestic as the name sounds, the country has everything to justify it. From the outstanding architecture of New York and Chicago to the bazillion chips in Las Vegas or the awesome beaches of Miami, the 50 states of USA have never failed to leave all their visitors astonished. Every year, millions of tourists wander out to take a family or adventure holiday in the USA. Here are some of our handpicked kickass places you NEED to see during your first visit to the United States of America.


Known as the city that never sleeps, the ever-famous New York city is the heart of all the USA tours. You just need to be here to experience a whole different perspective of life. It is impossible to do it all in New York in merely 2 or 3 days. But you can sure cover the major things you need to visit during your visit to NYC. The Statue of Liberty without which the trip is NYC is incomplete, is a huge neoclassical sculpture located at the Liberty Island. Among the tons of skyscrapers spread across the streets, the One World Trade Centre and the Empire State Building sure stand out. Manhattan, the world’s prominent commercial and financial hub sits at the core of the city and is connected to Brooklyn via the stunning Brooklyn Bridge. For the people looking for Apartment 20 or Central Perk, I hate to say that there isn’t any. But there’s a Central Park at the heart of the city. Head to the Rockefeller Centre, the historic landmark for shopping and dining in Manhattan in the evening and the Times Square, the magnificent intersection that looks amazing at night. With the busy buzz of New York, you’ll start to feel free in spite of the crowded streets.

Niagara Falls- “At last, Fortissimo”

Wait! Isn’t Niagara Falls located in Canada? Yes, that’s partially true. See, the collection of three waterfalls at the international border of USA and Canada is known as Niagara Falls. Out of the three, the American falls is located on the American side, the Horseshoe falls is located at the border and the Bridal Veil Falls on the Canadian side. So, head over to the border from the New York City and wave at Ontario with a magnificent, charming and heavenly range of waterfalls in between. The heavy noise of colliding waters turns into a mesmerizing sound after a while and starts to please your ears. This natural spectacle is a must visit during your family holiday in USA.

Fergie’s LA Love

Tune in to the cinematic cityscape mode of your life and step into an era of fantasy world, Los Angeles which literally translates to the city of Angels. The steep mythological east-west street of LA -the Hollywood Boulevard is such a beauty that it is covered under all USA tour packages these days. The famous landmarks on the streets like the TCL Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Hollywood Wax Museum celebrate the amazing film and entertainment heritage of LA. Take to the Beachwood Drive to get the best view of the magnum Hollywood sign studded on the Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills. Sober on the outside, wild on the inside, the town of LA has some serious business with creativity and dreams. When in LA, always keep an eye, you never know who you might run into.

The Grandest Canyon

With unparalleled diversity, the Grand Canyon makes it to the top of the list for an adventure holiday in USA. The colossal range of iconic landscapes just sitting there, begging to be explored is one of the seven wonders of the world. At Grand Canyon, you’ll find a whole host of environments- everything from cool fir forests to hot, dry deserts. The way more crowded South Rim of the Grand Canyon features captivating views of the Ponderosa pine forests whereas the West Rim features a magnificent Skywalk to walk you right into the middle of the canyon for an amazing view. For generations, this wild landscape has been a stage for exploration and inspiration. Descend deep into the canyon, cross the forests to the riparian habitat at the banks of the Colorado river, discover hidden waterfalls and rugged wilderness. The Grand Canyon holds a precious scenic value for artists and photographers. To slow down and take it all in, to know what’s beyond the reaches of the world and find the sense of discovery within oneself- that’s what the grandest Canyon of Arizona is all about.

Coz it’s Vegas Baby!

Nevada’s Mojave Desert hosts the vibrant, dynamic and happening resort city, Las Vegas where almost anything can happen between tonight and tomorrow morning. Hangover vibes aside, this seductive hypnotizing city promises you an experience filled with entertainment, fortune and excitement. Almost all USA packages these days make sure that Vegas doesn’t get left out. Famous for its “out of this world” casinos and nightclubs with an extravagant lighting, the city looks like a bridal suite at night. Head over to the Las Vegas Strip where thousands of upscale casino hotels, lavish restaurants, designer boutiques and performance venues are lined up and live your life to the fullest. Here’s a fact- There are over 300 weddings held every day in Vegas making it the top wedding destination of US and second in the World. Another fact- Weddings in Vegas are valid everywhere. So, keep your alcohol level in check or you might wake up married. 😉

Orlando- Where all the dreams come true

The place where imaginations run wild- Orlando, a city in Central Florida is one of the major destinations for all USA tours from India. Who would want to miss a fun packed holiday in this city of make-believe. Disneyland- every child’s fantasy and every adult’s childhood fantasy turns to reality. Free cuddles, dancing and lots of fun activities at the Walt Disney world would already cheer you up. But wait! This is Orlando and it’s just getting started. Dive in the water parks, kick up your adrenaline by taking thrilling rides, watch the spectacular dolphin show and experience an upside-down stroll at the Wonder Works. Head to Hogwarts and meet all your favourite superheroes at the Universal. Orlando is a magical place with an incredible list of fun activities and needs to be on your itinerary during your first visit to the USA.



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