Where to Eat in Havelock Island – Andaman

Where to Eat in Havelock Island – Andaman

Where to eat on Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

After all, your sightseeing is done, or for that matter, the will to go for sightseeing, one needs good food. Most hotels on the island have a restaurant and can cater to all kinds of cuisines, but for the un[traveller], there are few options to explore, for some drinks and dinner in the evening, including street food.

The recommendations below are for independent restaurants and eating joints.

Drinks – Very few independent restaurants serve alcohol, but few do allow you to bring your own booze. Alcohol is sold only at one government-regulated shop in the main Govindnagar market, in the lane next to the only SBI ATM on the island. Keep that in mind and you will never go dry!


Restaurants and shacks


Something Different

One of the best places to eat on the island, but that’s not the only reason why it is the island’s favourite eatery. They provide pickup and drop service from any hotel on the road between Havelock jetty and Kala Pathhar beach, which covers almost 90% of the hotels on the island, without any charge. Usually they do not provide the service if you’re staying close to Radhanagar beach, but they might oblige your request depending on the demand. As public transport is not existent at night, this service is a game-changer.

The ambience is modern and quirky, open and airy, with direct access to the beach overlooking the mangroves and the sea, and their music is great. They have both high and low seating and very creative jeans dining mats. Almost all kinds of cuisines are on the menu – Indian, seafood, Italian and continental, and Chinese. Go for the continental stuff, which is a rarity on the island! If you love seafood, you should also ask for the fresh catch of the day.




They also give you an instant photo as a souvenir to take back home. If you’re the romantic kinds, you can also ask for a private beachside dinner with tents. You can also connect to their Wi-Fi (if it’s working), which is privilege in Havelock. All in all, keep one evening for this place when you’re in Havelock.


Full Moon Café

The shack is a part of the Island Vinnie’s Tropical cabanas, and is alongside the Dive India dive centre. The shack is independent though, and provides for some great casual dining experience. Good food, good music, good ambience, great people, and a minute walk from the beach, what else can you ask for.

They have a huge menu, and cover most cuisines, but seafood, Chinese, and Mediterranean starters are recommended. The ambience is casual and they have high seating with few bamboo tables and chairs. If you love coffee and some English breakfast, you are in for a treat!


P.S. they do allow you to carry your own booze, but consider this a privilege and check with the staff beforehand.


Fat Martin’s Café

The roadside café is located in the Andamans Bubbles dive shop and if run independently. The small café is popular for great seafood and freshly prepared stuff. The ambience is casual and it has limited seating, but the food and the location makes up for it. It’s right in the ‘cool’ and busy part of the island, where all the dive shops are located, and it is one of the favourite places to eat for the locals and tourists alike.

They serve a variety of cuisine, but try their seafood and burger! If you prefer vegetarian food, they prepare great dosas! The staff is super friendly, and the music is hip. In short, great place for some casual dining and fresh seafood.



If you like fresh seafood, there is no better place than this. The restaurant is in the main Havelock market in Govindnagar, and is very easy to locate. This open-air restaurant is surrounded by the hustle-bustle of the island’s only market area.


The ambience is basic, but inviting, with open-air high sitting. As the name aptly suggests, the place is best known for its seafood. The preparation is fresh and has a Bengali flavour to the curry items, but delicious none the less. Just keep the expected flavour in mind, and you will not be disappointed.



Café Salt Water

This is a lesser known place on the island, probably because it’s a relatively new one. None the less, they serve great food! The open-air sitting area is cosy and perfectly suited for a nice meal. The place is located right across the entrance of Dive India dive centre.

The best part about this place is that they bake their own bread, fresh out of the oven, which one can see through the open window kitchen. Though they have a varied menu, and everything tastes good, we would recommend to go for the breakfast menu, burgers, and continental food.

Street food

Street food very very limited on the island. Firstly, it’s a small place and the only commercial street is the market area in Govindnagar. This is the only place with shops, where the community indulges in a game of carrom every evening, a vegetable market, and few eating joints. Secondly, the food on the island is not unique, because the population is not indigenous. The locals were brought to the island in the 1950s and 60s from West Bengal, and they have been living there for few generations now. Hence the street food available is restricted to Bengali cuisine.

You can walk around the small stretch of the market, and choose between carts selling mutton or chicken roll, street style chowmein, puchkas, and puri (luchi) with aloo sabzi. The food is delicious though.

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