East Europe – Least Explored, Pristine Landscape

East Europe – Least Explored, Pristine Landscape

East Europe – Least Explored, Pristine Landscape

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There are “almost as many definitions of Eastern Europe as there are scholars of the region”- Wikipedia

Take infinite colours of cuisines, languages and cultures and blend them onto a beautiful painting, that’s when you get close to imagining the diversity of Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe may share a continent with the Western Europe but the experience it offers is very different. Talk about all the magnificent locations in the world, people seem to leave East Europe unattended. And you know what! This is exactly what makes it the stunning untouched beauty that it is. This vastly underrated land comes with a rich history, an amazing topography, unspoiled landscapes and a highly nectarous cuisine. Diverse and Dramatic, the Eastern part of Europe hosts a treasury of art and architecture that would leave your senses blown away.

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A strong contrast prevails between the eastern and the western part of Europe. Be it the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the leaning tower of Pisa or the Colosseum of Rome, a massive amount of people are visiting every year which has made them one of the most expensive places on Earth and washed down their authenticity. The Eastern Europe, on the other hand, still features authentic untampered world-class museums, festivals and galleries and its beauty lies in the fact that the land is still not westernized in all regards. The past of Eastern Europe is preserved in it’s magnificent palaces and churches. Whatever scenery you enjoy or in other words, whatever type of landscape blows your mind, you’ll find infinite exciting and completely unexpected sites in this part of the world that is anything but predictable.

The high season to visit Eastern Europe runs from July through August. The per day expense varies from 40 Euros to 150 Euros depending on where to choose to stay and eat. Buses have made travelling between places super easy. A great option for travellers, they cover almost all the major areas of Eastern Europe. With an extensive rail network, trains are a classic way to travel around the region. You can choose between them depending on your likes and of course, your budget.

There are infinite beautiful locations in Eastern Europe where you can spend your unforgettable holiday. Here is a list of some of the magnificent places of Eastern Europe which you must visit when you head to experience the stunning diversity of Eastern Europe :-


Saint Basils Cathedral | Image via Walking Tours

Europe’s largest and easternmost country, Russia hosts a mind-blowing variety of landscapes. The western Russia which is a part of Europe separates Asia from Europe. This caters a touch of culture, cuisine, history, terrains and climates from both the continents.


St.Petersburg | Image via RickSteves.com

The capital city, Moscow is like an introduction to Russia. The grand Kremlins, stunning cathedrals and ancient cultural treasures served at the heart of the country attract any traveller’s attention. The magnificent museums protect the Russian art and the walls of Kremlins bear echoes of legends from Russia’s rich history. For all the foodies out there, the Russian cuisine features Banshiki, Teplo, Schengen, Russky Dvor, Chekhov and much more delicious dishes.

Another stunning Russian marvel, St. Petersburg- the city built on the Neva River is a must visit too. Whether it is the vast collection of art in The Hermitage or the onion domes of the Church on Spilled Blood or the controversial statue of Peter the Great, Peter and Paul Fortress, this city would keep your mind intrigued in its glorious past. If you’re a photographer, then you’ll need a lot of empty space on your camera and a good amount of battery because there’s a lot for you to capture in St. Petersburg.

Czech Republic

Image via Pexels

Image via Pexels

Czech Republic, a vibrant cosmopolitan country filled with energy, art, culture, music and amazing beer awaits you in the Eastern Europe. Every traveller’s thirst for “the wow moment” is satisfied right here, in this wonderful nation. Being romantic and successful with alternate styles, the land has its own unique charm that leave you spell bound.

Prague, the capital and the largest city of Czech Republic hosts a whole era of preserved European architecture throughout the ages. This one needs no explanation at all, does it? As soon as we hear this extremely sophisticated and stylish name, Prague, an exciting magical feeling starts to prevail our thought. Graceful and glamorous, the city of Prague features a variety of styles in its characteristic atmosphere. Also known as the city of hundred spires, it is an example of both the ancient and the modern-day world. There’s no way on Earth you can miss this.


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Placed at the heart of Europe, the land of Slovakia is famous for its dramatic landscape and towering castles. With tons of vintage villages still preserved in its realms, the country surfaces a very unique style that makes it different in many ways from the rest of the Europe. Some of the major attractions of Slovakia include Spis Castle, Bratislava Castle, Devin Castle, Aquapark Tatralandia, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Bojnice Castle, Dobsinska Ice Cave and many others. The capital city, Bratislava attracts a lot of people every year, thanks to the outstanding nightlife, splendid art and craft and the ease of access around Europe that it offers.

If you are an adventure seeking traveller, don’t worry! Head over to the high Tatras mountains where you have plenty of options. The majestic mountains offer hiking trails, waterfalls and skiing spots too. The lush green mountains forests, pristine snowfields and amazing alpine meadows of the High Tatras await you. So, go ahead and satisfy your wanderlust.


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Located on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has seized to become one of the most prominent relaxing sites of Eastern Europe. The seaside location and abundance of fascinating past civilizations are good enough reasons for anyone to travel there- the colourful Croatia culture is a bonus. The endless line of Croatian cuisine includes Meso z tiblice, Goulash, Punjena Paprike, Pagaca bread and many more mouth watering dishes.

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While adventurous crowd takes advantage of the endless water activities on its long coast, the couples can have a romantic getaway at the stunning beaches. The traditional songs and dances, embroidered folk costumes and numerous festivals and holidays reflect the Croatian culture at its best. Once you experience the life in Croatia, it would take you no more than a day to start feeling at home.

Head to eastern Europe for unique experiences and guaranteed adventure. From hidden gems in Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro to the classic charms of Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary, travellers are set to find this region as surreal, exciting and endlessly surprising. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing.



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