10 International Offbeat Honeymoon Experiences

10 International Offbeat Honeymoon Experiences

We’ve put together the best offbeat honeymoon destinations and experiences to make sure you’re over the ‘moon’ with your ‘honey' on your special holiday!

10 International Offbeat Honeymoon Experiences

offbeat honeymoon

So you have finally tied the knot after months and months of planning, and it’s the time to unwind. Wedding planning while exciting, could be a source of stress- with all the mad rush about finding the perfect venue, the perfect dress and managing the overly enthusiastic relatives. Your honeymoon is the first chance to enjoy and spend some quality time with your spouse. Whether you are the kind of couple who wants to explore- once in a lifetime sort of destinations, the most beautiful beaches or tick activities off your bucket list- we’ve got you covered.  We have put together a list of world’s most exciting, romantic and visually stunning destinations ideal for having a great time with your better half. Here are the top 10 international offbeat honeymoon experiences you must have on your list:

Watch the Northern lights from a Glass Igloo

One of the most stunning natural wonders, the spectacular lights of Aurora Borealis is the result of electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with gaseous particles on earth’s atmosphere. Most mysterious and alien, a burst of these coloured northern lights can last for seconds and vary in colours, usually being green but may turn to purple, pink, orange or blue. It can only be seen above the magnetic poles of the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

northern lights - glass igloo honeymoon experience

A Glass Igloo specially built to witness this spectacle – Romantic? Hell Yes!

A romantic night under the stars is one thing but to spend a night watching the lights perform a sort of concert from your own luxurious glass igloo is a whole new experience altogether. Witness the extravagant rays illuminate the clear skies with the most amazing glow and share this enchanting moment with your partner. It is definitely a mesmerising sight- one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Aurora Borealis Honeymoon

The Northern Lights are a Sight to experience

Places like Finland, Northern Canada, and Norway share similar experiences but Iceland is the best destination to see the northern lights. The best time of viewing is during the darkest winter months, between November and April.

Relax in an infinity pool in Australia

Infinity Pool Experience Honeymoon

A Pool which seems to be stretching on for infinity? Why not!

Sydney is home to a plethora of tidal pools with the most stunning views. While most of these pools are not always natural, they fill naturally with the sea water when the tide comes in. Dive into a world of possibilities and blur the lines between you and the view, as you soak with your loved one in an infinity pool in Australia. Head to Wylie’s Bath for a refreshing swim, located few hundred metres south of Coogee Beach, with the sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean out to the Wedding Cake Island.  Stretch your imagination as you almost swim out to the view. Indulge in a relaxing couple’s massage while listening to the sounds of the ocean. Spend your evening sipping beach-inspired cocktails at the rooftop bar as you enjoy the lovely company and an equally beautiful view.

Experience glow worms in a cave in New Zealand

glowing-worms-new-zealand- honeymoon

The Glow Worm Caves Create a Natural Romantic Setting!

A caving trip to the Waitomo cave system is one of the most amazing natural experiences in the world and a must-see on any traveller’s wish list.  These limestone caves are the results of millions of years of geological and volcanic activity. Rushing water has carved a labyrinth of passageways with whirlpools, waterfalls and a strong underground river. The entrance to the caves is pretty small and it’s no surprise that they weren’t discovered until in the 1970s by locals. Start your adventure by hopping on a boat for a scenic cruise across the beautiful Lake Tenau along the Fiord Land National Park. You will be then taken deep into the Waitomo Caves inhabited by thousands of glow worms. The glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa, unique to New Zealand, covers the walls of the cave and radiate a luminescent glow. Be amazed by the sparkling display, as you glide silently in a boat into the darkness. Truly a mesmerising sight, nothing beats the Waitomo cave experience. It is definitely New Zealand’s most extraordinary attraction, one that should not be missed!

Crocodile cage dive in South Africa

Clearly not for the faint-hearted, Crocodile Cage diving is an exciting way to see these reptiles in their natural habitat. It was first introduced to the world by Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn that houses more than a thousand crocodiles. Encounter the fascinating Nile crocodiles with their thick skin and strong jaws, weighing about half a ton from the safety of a cage.

Crocodile cage Honeymoon Experience

This one is for the High Adrenaline Couples

Watch these man-eaters spend their time surrounding your cage while they size you up as a potential prey. Get yourself photographed as you experience this thrilling moment and you will have a souvenir to remind yourself that you actually undergo this insane ordeal. Crocodile cage diving is a spin-off of shark cage diving and a perfect choice for people prone to sea-sickness.

Explore the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

The Bamboo forest has been rightly called one of the most beautiful groves on earth. Walking through these soaring stalks of bamboo is like entering into another world. Starting from Tenryu-Ji Temple, the wooden path weaves through the grove with tall bamboo plants and creates a kind of canopy. As the wind passes, the wood creaks, leaves rustle and trunks collide, creating a peaceful sound.

bamboo forest Arashiyama Honeymoon

If you prefer Nature and Isolation – this is definitely a treat for your senses!

A treat to your senses, photos just can not capture the magical quality of this place. Explore the breathtaking bamboo forest in Arashiyama with your partner as you stroll through the path enjoying the calm and tranquility that this place offers. The path leads slowly uphill to the sublime Okochi-Sanso Villa, another favourite tourist attraction of Kyoto.

Arashiyama is especially popular during spring for its cherry blossoms and autumn when the whole region brightens up with the brilliance of its maple leaves.

Watch penguins and whales in South Africa

Boulders Beach Honeymoon

South Africa Offers Best opportunities to experience wildlife Up Close

South Africa is the best destination for watching marine wildlife from close quarters. With two greatest oceans converging here, expect to see the most spectacular whales every year during their annual migration from Antarctica to Mozambique for calving, mating, and breeding from November to July. The Whale route starts along the south of Cape Town and extends to Durban offering enthralling views of over 37 species of whales and dolphins. Hermanus is considered to be the best land-based whale watching spot.

southafrica whale watching honeymoon

Whale Watching is a definitely humbling experience

Other great places to see marine life from the shore are Plettenberg Bay, Algoa Bay and along the Wild Coast. You can also go on a boat ride with a whale expert to enjoy the possible sightings of humpback whales, Bryde’s whales, sharks, seals, dolphins, and other sea life. Clear, windless weather conditions are best for spotting whales and you must hear out for whale’s blow which is usually the first sign of their presence.

Bungee jumping in New Zealand

New Zealand is not only the birthplace of bungee jumping but also an ultimate destination for all sort of extreme sports. If you always had bungee jumping on your bucket list, there’s no better place to take the plunge than Queenstown, where it all began.

Bungee jumping Queenstown Honeymoon

Tickle Your Adrenaline Bone in Queenstown – The Adventure Capital of the World

Whether you choose to step off the platform of The Ledge or want to go big and try the Nevis Bungy, the highest bungee jump in the country, your bungee experience is bound to set your adrenaline levels soaring. Share this thrilling experience with your partner and jump together into the abyss with your waists attached and hearts racing as you take in the spectacular views.

Safari in Kenya

With its picture-perfect savannas and a dense wildlife population, Kenya is the ultimate destination for game-viewing. If you are after the Big Five, it’s hard to find a better place than Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve. With its huge density of wild animals, it is almost impossible not to see them.

safari in kenya Honeymoon experience

Kenya is like Your Very Own Animal Planet Live!

The best time to visit is in the months of July and October, during the great migration when thousands of zebras, gazelles and other animals travel from Serengeti to Mara and return back to Tanzania. The migration is also exciting because of predators like lions and hyenas that follow these animals for hunting. Mount Kenya also offers incredible safari experiences with its picturesque landscape and a fair share of wildlife. Book a private luxurious lodge in the wildlife-packed landscape of Masai Mara or Mount Kenya and get ready to embark on the safari of your dreams.

Husky sled ride in Norway

Husky Sledding Norway honeymoon

Husky Sledding Across the Snowy Terrain with your Partner is definitely goals!

If skiing is too mainstream for you, try the popular Husky Sledge Ride in Norway. Riding through the stunning white snow plains and visiting the fabulous lakes and forests on your own sled with dogs, is definitely an unforgettable experience. Jotunheimen National Park and Skurdalen offer fabulous dog sledding experiences. The ‘back to basics’ experience takes you back to nature and gives you a chance to enjoy the peaceful surroundings while camping in the wild. Embark on a great outdoor adventure and, learn how to light a fire and build a tent in the wilderness of Arctic. The best time to visit Norway if you are interested in Husky Sledge Ride is during the mid-winter season between December and February.

Drive around the Amalfi Coast

Deemed by UNESCO as “an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values”, Amalfi Coast is widely considered one of the most scenic stretches of coastline. With its fascinating landscape, picturesque hillside villages, rugged mountainous cliffs and expansive vistas over turquoise waters, Amalfi Coast offers one of the most exciting driving experiences in Europe.

Drive around the Amalfi Coast

You, your partner, and the endless scenic road – Do you need anything else?

The route stretches between Sorrento City and Amalfi Village with Salerno being the most convenient access point. The roads are steep, winding and challenging to drive. Explore the famous towns of Amalfi, Revello, and Positano that have continued to inspire artists for centuries. Visit the most spectacular cathedrals and vibrant villas that lie along this scenic route.



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