10 Places to Eat When You Are in Manali

10 Places to Eat When You Are in Manali

10 Places to Eat When You Are in Manali

If your heart is anywhere near that of an explorer’s or an adventurer’s or even a photographer’s, chances are that you’ve already been planning of travelling to Manali. With it’s simply amazing location at the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Manali in itself is a travel destination apart from being the start of almost all Jammu and Kashmir expeditions. Manali’s lush green fields, subtle river bank spots and majestic mountains are accompanied by a succulent cuisine all along the way. Here are some of the famous eating places one has to pay a visit during Manali tours:

Johnson’s Café

Johnson’s Cafe | Credits: 902ethelb on TripAdvisor

Located on the circuit house road in Manali, chances are that it’s only a walking distance from your hotel. With live gigs taking over in the evening, there’s always a chance of overbooking at the Johnson’s Café. So, make sure to reserve a table before heading up there. Coming to the specialties, the café is known for its trout fish of which they have as much as ten variations available. There’s a beautiful garden sitting in front of the café, an enormous space for performances and a happening bar as well. So, listen to the live music while your taste buds enjoy the food.

Café 1947

Cafe 1947 | Credits : Eatstory

Almost everyone who’s gone to Manali for holidays has been to the Café 1947 as well. Just as you cross the bridge over to the Old Manali’s strip of cafés and diverse freestyle shops, the first place on your left is Café 1947. Head downstairs and you’ll be welcomed into a whole different era of Manali, the Old phase. Have a seat with your legs crossed in the compartments on the left. There’s an outdoor sitting in the balcony as well where gushing sound from the nearby river is pleasantly audible. The quaint ambiance of Café 1947 delves on the philosophy of freedom. At this cute little Italian eatery, order yourself a Pizza or Bruschettas, Risottos and Paninis along with the “must” order Hookah.

People’s café

People’s Cafe | Credits : Eatstory

Known for its live music, there’s something unique about this café. Run by a Russian lady in the Old Manali region, the people-oriented People’s café even lets you sing your own verses here but obviously at intervals with their hired artist. If you have a thing for trance music, this place is just where you’d want to be all day. The café serves some of the best vegetarian food in Manali. Head over to the rooftop for live music and order yourself some grilled potatoes with cheese and veggies. Settle for the ground floor to enjoy Sheesha along with your meal. Their service is a bit slow, but they make the food totally worth your while.

The Corner House

Lamb Burger at The Corner House | Credits : Management

If you’re unable to figure out what to eat in Manali, just stop thinking and head over to the Corner House. With a prime location at the mall road of Manali, the Corner House is obliged to please all kinds of crowd. If you’re looking for trying Tibetan food in Manali, this place is where you’d want to be. Apart from Tibetan, there’s Chinese, Indian and even Thai cuisine. The service and ambiance of the Corner House strives consistently taking the reputation of the place very seriously.


Sizzler at Chopsticks | Credits : Garima S on TripAdvisor

Chinese, you’d think! But an eclectic mix of cuisines including Japanese, Asian, Indian and Tibetan is also served in Chopsticks restaurant. Watch your exceptional non-veg sizzlers and cheese spinach momos being prepared along with the wonderful Wanton soup. A fantastic combination of quick service, reasonable rates and friendly staff would have you cherish your moments spent here for the rest of your journey. There’s a little bar too to keep your drink choices covered.

Casa Bella Vista

Casa Bella Vista | Credits : hitesh360 on TripAdvisor

Set right next to the Old Manali’s thick pine woods, Casa Bella Vista has the most auspicious setting closest to nature. Tables carved out of tree trunks and wooden chairs set in a beautiful garden reflect nature themed ideology the restaurant follows. Under the crisp and fresh mountain breeze and amidst the plush green pine vegetation, settle down and have a relaxing meal away from all the worries and pollutions of the modern life fiasco. Order yourself a thin crust pizza along with a super thick coffee shake from this Spanish restaurant and enjoy the setting.

Drifter’s Café

Drifter’s Cafe

Looking for a great place to start your day? Drifter’s Café’s got the morning vibe for you. With sunlight making its way through the windows into its subtly furnished décor, you’re off to a no better place than here to start your day. The fried eggs, sausages, pancakes and waffles are only some of the scrumptious options you got. Play a board game or get a book to read from their library along with lazily enjoying your Indian, Continental or Italian selection and add to your serene experience of the Drifter’s Café.

Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted

Dylan’s Toasted & Roasted | Credits : IRohit on TripAdvisor

Another one of the charming cafés in Manali is the Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted which is most popular for its breakfast range. When three close friends strolling through the Old Manali couldn’t satisfy their urge for having coffee, there this café was decided upon. With your eyes closed, order Shakshula which basically is an Israeli egg dish where eggs are a topping over a bed of caramelized onions, tomatoes and spices. You can go for the Egg Cheese sandwich or Chocolate Vanilla sky dessert as well.

The Lazy Dog

If you are one of the people looking for a luxury outdoor seating with a view to the river and mountains around you, the Lazy Dog café is where you have got to be. In all Manali tours, you need to have a place where you can sit in peace and have a splendid meal with a scenic view of Manali’s beauty; this café offers just that. So, call for trout fish with butter garlic sauce at the side as you settle outside after a wonderful day for a break listening to the rhythm of gushing water and birds chirping all around you.

Mount View Restaurant

Mount View Restaurant | Credits : gauravbhatt71 on TripAdvisor

Known for its best vegetarian food in Manali, Mount View Restaurant offers enormous servings to fill your stomach at reasonable rates. Order yourself the Tibetan noodle soup, thukpa which is a must ritual while your visit to Himachal. There are tons of Chinese, Asian, Indian or Tibetan options to choose from with Chinese and coffee being the suggested ones. With delicious food and a staff with amazing storytelling instincts, you’ll end up spending your time engrossed in long conversations with random people.



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