10 places to eat when you are in Leh

10 places to eat when you are in Leh

10 places to eat when you are in Leh

“You have to taste a culture to understand it” – Deborah Cater

Travellers are not the people who get on a plane every now and then but those who seek to experience a new culture, traditions and food. While Leh has everything which makes your holiday the perfect getaway you wanted it to be, food is no exception there. The extreme temperatures, the untouched seclusion and the Buddhist culture, all have played their part in shaping the cuisine of Leh. But wait! Apart from the Tibetan cuisine, there are tons of other delicacies as well. So, don’t worry if you feel like having Mexican or Thai or even Italian. Here are some of our handpicked where and what to eat in Leh :

The Tibetan Kitchen

The Tibetan Kitchen | Credits: Teji87 on TripAdvisor

As the name goes, a perfect reflection of Tibetan cuisine can be seen here in the Tibetan Kitchen. Located on the Fort Road, the Tibetan Kitchen has a classy feel to it. The décor is pretty straightforward with the indoor dining room having a temple-like feel to it while the tables and chairs in the outdoor area sitting on a ground of pebbles. With a prominent Tibetan composition, some Indian and Chinese food is also scooched in there. Make sure to try the famous chicken thukpa which is basically a Tibetan noodle soup. Also, Sabagleb, a circular crispy pie which has momo stuffing inside is a must try there. The grilled trout of the Tibetan Kitchen is also neatly famous. Go for mellow drinks on the sides because alcohol isn’t available there. So, make sure to pay schedule your lunch or a candlelit dinner at the Tibetan Kitchen.

Sheldon Garden Restaurant

Chicken Malai Tandoori

After a whole day of majestic unforgettable Ladakh tour, head to the renowned multicuisine Sheldon Garden Restaurant for a candle light dinner with your loved ones. Apart from the Tibetan cuisine, other delicacies of the restaurant include Italian, Mexican and Indian food. Make sure to cater your taste buds with the nectarous chicken malai tandoori. The extremely appetizing food would take all your tiredness away for the day. The courteous staff and the beautiful ambience of the Sheldon Garden restaurant add to the memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.


Chopsticks Noodle Bar | Credits : Kaushik G on TripAdvisor

For all pan-Asian lovers out there, Chopsticks Restaurant is the place you need to be at. Located in the Leh Market, it’ll always be accessible from your hotel. With the great location and ambiance, this place serves some of the sumptuous Continental and Thai meals.
Head over for breakfast where you can try the drink closest to the Tibetan cuisine, the Butter Tea. Also, make sure to not leave out tingmos, the light, multi-layered Himalayan bread which can be enjoyed both as a snack or a full meal with stuffing or gravy on the sides. Chopsticks is also known for its best in the city, Thai green Curry. The charm of the restaurant in the late hours is also admired by the tourists.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit | Credits: Rabga S on TripAdvisor

This place will blow your mind away. Bon Appetit is one of the most visited cafés in Leh for its staggering bewitching views at sunset. This western style settlement is hidden south of Changspa Road. The place has a record in consistently serving amazing food and coldest beers of Leh along with the tourist oriented staff that they have. They even allow a bonfire set up just outside to let your eyes shine with the mesmerizing view while your tummy cherishes every single bite that you have. With an Italian dominance in the eclectic menu of multiple cuisines, the café also serves delightful chicken and salad. Wines and cocktails are not too diverse but enough to capture your senses.

Lamayuru Restaurant

Lamayuru Restaurant | Credits: Динара М on TripAdvisor

If you are one of the people looking for Vegetarian food in Leh, the Lamayuru restaurant located on the easily accessible Fort Road is your perfect match. They serve the Indian, Tibetan and Asian cuisine. Try the Fresh Vegetable Salad along with the Mint Frappe. Ask the staff for Wi-Fi’s password; there aren’t any tags on the wall for that. The amiable staff and cosy ambiance makes for the relaxing mood you want to be while enjoying your meal. The restaurant characterizes a busy environment throughout the day because of its famous variety of food.

La Pizzeria

Hey Pizza lovers, Pizza has always been unbeatable and will be. Being a part of almost all Leh Tours these days, the famous La Pizzeria is one of the must visit restaurants of Leh. The eclectic mix of pizza options available at the joint is enough to keep all kinds of pizza lovers satisfied. The place is well known for its delicious thin crust pizzas, pumpkin soup and beer. Go with your instincts and make a choice.

Gesmo Restaurant

Gesmo Restaurant | Credits : DrRakeshGandhi on TripAdvisor

Also goes by the name of Pizza House, the Gesmo Restaurant surely deserves a visit during your time in Leh. The place serves a special Yak Cheese Pizza which you have got to try. Known for its special ambiance at night, the Gesmo restaurant even has tons of German bakery items as well as the North Indian cuisine to offer. The awkwardly beautiful offerings of this place are completely worth it although the service might be a bit slow.

Balti Farm

Not far from the spectacular lands of Leh lies Nubra Valley where every Leh tourist goes unanimously. The dreamy à-la-carte restaurant, Balti Farm lies in the secluded village, Turtuk located near the valley. Famous for its private and the best in the world organic and orchard gardens, the food here tastes like heaven. Without stressing much, order yourself the 13-dish sampler and taste everything wonderful they have for you. Just keep in mind to make the order two hours prior to when you plan to eat.

P3 Restaurant Pangong

Vegetable Korma

The ever famous Pangong Lake where the landscape saturation seems to have shifted towards a magical stage with clear blue skies and cinematic mountain lake transition. The decision of adding Pangong Lake to one’s itinerary is almost unanimous. Dine at the P3 Restaurant near the shore of the lake. They serve an amazing range of Tibetan and Indian delicacies for you to choose from. Enjoy the serene view along with your delicious order.

Bob’s Café

Bob’s Cafes | Credits : Rubi R on TripAdvisor

Fast food lovers, you’re on a break! And no one’s got the right to tell you to keep your diet in check here. Head to the Bob’s Café located on the Changspa Street near the Shanti Stupa in Leh. For all Ladakh holidays, any fast food desires are taken care of at the Bob’s Café. A neat and cosy place with a humble staff and extraordinary food is just what you’d be looking for after your fantastic sightseeing expedition.






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