Kanha Whiskers – Tigers at its Centre

Kanha Whiskers – Tigers at its Centre

Kanha Whiskers – Tigers at its Centre

Leopard Satpura National Park

Large Parks. Big cats. Madhya Pradesh. When it’s a confluence of these three factors in India, it goes without saying that you are in for a trip of a lifetime. Snuggled in the luxuriant arms of the Maikal range of the Satpuras in the central Indian highlands of Madhya Pradesh, the Kanha National Park is acclaimed to be one of the finest tiger parks in India. Complete with lush meadows along dense, woody trails that offer spellbinding sights these sundry landscapes of Kanha Tiger Reserve served as inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’. Kanha gives you the complete safari experience, so much so that you expect Mowgli to come running down any minute. But be sure to book the safari in Kanha National Park in advance, as it sells out like hot cakes. Kanha offers a variety of activities apart from the safaris and you can experience some of the best ones with untravel.

Drive through marshland for more than just a peek at the ‘Jewel of Kanha’, the swamp deer, with increasingly frequent sightings of the majestic tiger. Settle down at Bamni Dadar (sunset point) for a glittering view of sambars and gaurs grazing against a glowing backdrop of a memorable sunset. Your jungle visit will also probably yield views of tree-clambering leopards, huge populations of deer and antelope, and plenty of langur monkeys. The park notably has over 300 different species of birds as well, so keep your binoculars beside you. There are many hotels around Kanha and some of them are really unique in their offerings.

Do remember to book multiple safaris to better your chances of spotting wildlife, especially the elusive tiger.

Tiger & Tigress - Kanha National Park

Tiger & Tigress – Kanha National Park


Best Time to Visit Kanha National Park

The park remains open from tourists from October 15th of each year till June 30th of the next year. November to March is the peak period and tourists visit Kanha in throngs. Bird Watchers will love it during the months of November up to February. The monsoon has passed and the park is all green and full of life. Many migratory birds visit the park. March to May dries up the vegetation and it is much easier to spot wildlife especially the big cat. Though the months of April to June get unbearably hot, one gets some of the best sightings of wildlife and that includes spotting of the tiger as well.

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