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Everything in you that seeks something different, something beyond that usual travel experience is an un[traveller]. Ever feel that there’s something more to the place than you see? That is the call of the un[traveller]. untravel is devoted to the conscious traveler who wants to make an impact while on a holiday. untravel is about customizing every moment of each trip and making it enjoyable while reducing ‘footprints’. When you travel with us you make a meaningful contribution to the sustenance of the environment, the community and the culture of that particular destination.

Stop travelling. Start Experiencing.

Bhutan is much more than a happy placeFeatured Category

Thinking of Bhutan- the happiest place on earth, one may start to wonder that how did it get there or may even question that is it really so? or just a mere saying? The notion of grass being always greener on the other side of the fence might pop up too, but it does not hold its ground in this very scenario because Bhutan is indeed the happiest place on the face of earth both technically and practically. In technical terms, Gross National Happiness index (GNH), coined by King Jigme Singye, the forth king of Bhutan is used as a measure to determine progress of the country instead of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). With free health care and education, life expectancy has surged by a 450% increase in 20 years since 1980. Sounds unbelievable! Travellers go all the way to find the truth behind the whole happiness ‘myth’ and they all come back having nothing but “indeed” on their lips.

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The Story Behind the Living Roots BridgesFeatured Category

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The astonishing root bridges of Meghalaya were not built by the local tribesmen so that one day a dollar doling tourist would come across it and announce their exotic existence to the world. Instead, the tribesmen must have figured out the way to make these bridges out of ‘live’ tree roots to facilitate travel over the various fast flowing streams across the lower slopes of Khasi & Jaintia hills in the absence of any government aid or support. This further proves that Gandhiji’s vision of an India made of innumerable villages was the right one as compared to the urban mess that we have created out of our large cities. More on this later…

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Why a Homestay is your best bet in LadakhFeatured Category

Planning a trip to Ladakh? Once you have decided the places you want to visit and have mapped out your itinerary, comes the biggest challenge before your trip – deciding and booking your accommodation. Ladakh offers a variety of options for this – and while you can easily get on a website and choose from a wide variety of options, Ladakh has something more to offer. Looking for pocket-friendly accommodations, which help the locals as well as the environment, while experiencing the real culture of Ladakh? Here are a few reasons why homestays are better than hotels on a trip to Ladakh

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5 Offbeat Experiences in Corbett National ParkFeatured Category

What’s common between a cricket test match, an intensely smoky single malt and Corbett National Park? Plenty actually – they can all test your patience, are acquired tastes and even so are strangely favored by the ‘connoisseurs’.

Though named after the legendary hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett, strangely enough only one of the maneater tigers he shot, the Mohan Maneater, was from these forests.

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Although Bikaner hasn’t received the kind of attention it deserves, it is fast emerging as one of Rajasthan’s favoured locales for royalty and the Thar Desert. Jangladesh’s barren wilderness was first turned habitable in 1488 on the city of Bikaner’s...

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