Why Uttarakhand is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Why Uttarakhand is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Why Uttarakhand is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination


While planning your honeymoon if you were to tell anyone how it is – a very few would understand. There are just so many options and it so hard to choose! You might be looking at Europe – the honeymoon continent of our Earth. What if we were to tell you that you can have your absolutely perfect honeymoon, right here in India? When you look at the places to visit for honeymoon in India, Uttarakhand tourism is at the centre of this. With a plethora of romantic places to visit, Uttarakhand should be on the consideration list for you honeymoon. We’ve listed down the best tourist places in Uttarakhand to visit for your honeymoon, and what do to there.

Up on Honeymoon Hill – Mussoorie

Mussoorie Honeymoon


You only do it once, right? So better give your partner the very best, and choose to do it the proven way, a Mussorie Honeymoon. Located in the Dehradun district, Mussoorie is a hill town perched about 2000mts, offering amazing views of the Doon valley and the mountains all around. Plus, the rich fauna of this place, away from the pollution of the cities, mixed with the colourful markets make it a must visit.

Mussorie has various waterfalls, famous and isolated located in its vicinity, which are perfect places to spend time with your lover. Take a walk to the waterfall and have a picnic. Enjoy the bustling markets in the town. Don’t forget to try the various varieties of Maggi the restaurants here are so famous for!

Snow Escapades in Auli

Auli Honeymoon


There’s just something about snow which makes it incredibly fun and romantic. Picture this, waking up to incredible views of snow clad peaks all around. Sipping tea for breakfast while enjoying the rich forests all around, and of course the mountain vistas. And then going out to enjoy the perfect white snow with your partner. That’s Auli for you. Romantic much?

Located in the Chamoli district, Auli is one of the best places to visit for your honeymoon if you’re lovers of snow. Auli is also known for its apple orchards, and the snow sports. You should definitely try skiing and/or snowboarding along the famous slopes near Auli. You can also take one of the best cable car rides while there, which is from Auli to Joshimath.

Take a Boat Ride in the Lap of the Mountains, Nainital

Nainital Honeymoon


Nainital is a mythical town, based on the banks of a large pear shaped valley, surrounded by the mighty Kumaon hills from all sides. Situated at about 2000 mts, the Naina Devi temple, which is a temple is one of the major temples in this area and a major pilgrimage site.

The freshwater lake, azure blue, surrounded views of great peaks all around makes it a dream like spot to be boating in. When you’re looking for romantic, it doesn’t get better than this.

While you’re here, you can also take a cable car to snow view point, from where you can get panoramic views of snow capped Himalayan peaks. Another place to visit while in Nainital is the “high altitude” zoo, which is built on a steep hill.

Date With Wildlife, Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett Honeymoon

Jim Corbett National Park

If you are a wildlife loving couple, then Jim Corbett is an ideal choice for your dream honeymoon. In the list of India’s premier national parks, Jim Corbett is at the top – and is one of the best places in the world for sighting of the Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephants, bears, deer, alligators, along with more than 600 other species of animals and birds.

Situated about 250 kms from Delhi, it is one of the most biodiverse parks. For nature lovers, there are large, large areas of thick forests, with about 600 different species of flora. There are rivers flowing by where you can camp out and practice angling. There’s also a waterfall (Corbett Falls) in the park. All of these make for perfect romantic spots, along with the wildlife spotting.

Breakfast in the Shadow of the Panchachuli peaks, Munsiyari

Munsiyari Honeymoon


The name Munsiyari literally translates to “a place with snow”. Situated in the Pithoragarh district, it is a small group of villages situated at about 2300 mts above sea level. Munsiyari is a place for those who love to escape from the city life for something different.

Lesser known and isolated, Munsiyari offers you that experience of living in older times. The untouched beauty and splendour of nature is imminent here. The major attraction here is the Nanda Devi temple, from where you get clear views of one of the best peak ranges , the Panchchuli Peaks. These mighty peaks line up to make a glorious image, which is sure to leave you spellbound. Imagine waking up to such a view, then living the peaceful, rich life of the village. Bliss.

A Walk on the Road Less Taken, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Just like snow, there is something about long walks in nature, with deep conversations that make it them a very enriching experience. If you’re looking for one with your partner yourself, then Binsar might be the perfect place for you to celebrate your honeymoon.

Situated at about 90 kms from Nainital, Binsar wildlife sanctuary is home to Leopards, Chital, Boars, Musk fox and Deer, along with over 200 species of birds and butterflies. It is more prominently know for its vast ranges of thick forest and flora. These forests make perfect places to spend alone time with your partner, and take those long walks.

There are a few rivers flowing by through the forests, where you can enjoy the solutide and oneness with nature. The forests will make your day. Binsar is also known for its premium stay choices. Along with the government owned rest house, there are various premium private resorts and villas situated at various hill tops, or within the jungle itself. These premium resorts offer luxury experience to pamper you as a couple, while experiencing the rawness of staying in nature.

Binsar is one for the offbeat enthusiasts.


And there you have it, the silent, the wild and the luxury, all faces of Uttarakhand. And you thought there were no options to have a perfect honeymoon in India. Which places in Uttarakhand will you be visiting on your honeymoon?



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