The Offbeat Places in Andaman

The Offbeat Places in Andaman

The Offbeat Places in Andaman

If there has to be one place in India where you can find an escape from your mundane life, delve into the world of adventures and quench your travel thirst, it has to be Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman is not just about resorts and raw living; it’s a unique combination of surreal landscapes, pristine beaches and adventure sites, it’s an abode of immense possibilities for travellers seeking completely new experiences!

This should be enough to give you a clue about why these islands are gaining such popularity amongst tourists. Though the archipelago, with its eternal beauty, has been captivating the hearts of umpteen tourists, there still exist numerous places which remain unexplored. Here’s a rundown of the top offbeat places in Andaman that await to capture your imaginations with their alluring beauty and a plethora of adventure opportunities.

Baratang Island

Baratang – Boat to the limestone cave

Located 90 km away from Port Blair, there’s an unexplored gem, filled with pure beauty and natural wonders; it is the gateway to North & Middle Andaman District of Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago i.e., Baratang Island. Incredible, yet overlooked destination from the tourism point of view, the island is a must visit place that slouches with verdant green meadows, thick mangrove forests and houses some unique and fascinating attractions. Of all the major tourist attractions here, limestone caves are the most impressive and thus top the list. The caves are basically sedimentary rocks formed and compressed over millions of years by the continuous deposits of many components and elements such as seashells, marine life, corals, and skeletons. Soon after you enter these regularly emerging and growing caves, you are bound to start rubbernecking.

Another such impressive destination that’s capable of fascinating anyone is Mud Volcano, a natural wonder where the mud is pushed upward by a natural gas emitting from underneath created by decaying organic matter from underground. In addition to these, other places that must be visited are Parrot island and Baludera Beach.

How to reach: Located at a distance of 100 km from Port Blair, Baratang Island can be reached by taking the road and then crossing a creek on a vehicle ferry at Middle Strait.

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Diglipur Beach

Home to one and only river flowing through Andaman, i.e., Kaplong river, Diglipur island is located in North Andamans. Famous for its oranges, rice and marine life, the untouched land of Diglipur provides a rare experience for nature lovers. The ecotourism spot covering an expanse of greenery and marine life is an ideal getaway for nature lovers. The isle is prominently famed for its Kalipur Beach, a turtle nesting ground. Thousands of turtles during their nesting period come here at this beach.

Another major tourist attraction here is Ross and Smith Island, a beach that is ideal to just sit with your beloved and reminisce about things with your better half while watching the sunset. Grab the best  Andaman Honeymoon Packages from un[travel] to enjoy hassle-free vacations in Ross and Smith Island.  Besides, Diglipur Island also accommodates the largest peak in the archipelago, Saddle Peak, which often remain thronged by the trekkers to see its unique wildlife. And, Lamiya Bay, Shyamnagar’s Mud Volcano and Alfred caves are a few other tourists attractions that ought not to be un[travel]led.

How to reach: Take the sea route from Port Blair or Mayabunder to Diglipur. Alternatively, one can also reach Diglipur from Port Blair, by road.

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Amkunj Beach – Brainwave corals

Located in middle Andaman, Rangat is another beautiful yet less popular tourist attraction in Andaman and Nicobar. The ecotourism destination is known for its pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls, surreal landscapes and rich biodiversity. Amongst all the major tourist attractions, Aamkunj Beach tops the list. The beach is uniquely developed with eco huts and groves and is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation. Apart from the stunning beach, scenic Yerrata Mangrove Park and Yerrata Creek will capture all your imaginations.

Enjoy panoramic Moricedera, take India’s largest Mangrove Nature Walkway at Dhani Nallah and spend time at Cutbert Bay Beach and Panchavati Hills.

How to reach: Entry into Rangat is by road from Port Blair and from Havelock, Neil and Long Island. Travel time through road is about 6-7 hours and that though the sea is 4-5 hours.

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Long Island

Long Island

Long Island is a unique village nestled in nature that boasts gorgeous beaches, cozy caves, green rolling hills, and stunning mangroves. Being an unexplored gem from the tourism point of view, the island flaunts lush green tropical forests along with Tidal Swamp forests and Evergreen Forests and a unique marine ecosystem. The gorgeous silvery beach of  Lalaji Bay rests amongst the top places in this island. Take a boat cruise through the Mangrove creek here to experience once in a lifetime experience.

Besides, Andaman’s best beach, Merk Bay Beach also resides here. The beach with white sand and blue water is ideal for bathing and snorkeling as well as bird watching and sighting dolphins, and don’t forget to visit the uniquely shaped, Guitar Island; a perfect site for sunbathing and relaxation with your loved one.

How to reach: Speedboats from Port Blair are available to Long Island thrice a week. To travel by road, you would need to get a bus early from Port Blair to arrive in Rangat early enough to catch the 4 pm boat from Yeratta to Long Island.

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Inglis Island

Coral Reefs at Inglis Island

Another place in Andamans without which the list of amazing offbeat places doesn’t complete is the Island of Wildlife or Inglis Island. No wonder why Inglis Island is often mentioned as the Island of the Wildlife; it is an abode of beautiful wildlife, green forests, rich vegetation, radiant coral reefs and white sand beaches. Bleached, dead, live and genera corals, there are about 135 species of coral reefs.

For nature lovers, the island boasts a set of stunning views, for wildlife admirers, there are turtles, elephants & colourful fishes, and for adventure maniacs, it has scuba diving to offer. Strolling in the shallow turquoise water, taking a boat ride, spending leisure time in the peaceful atmosphere will refreshen you. A few must-visit destinations here are Felburn Park Trailhead, Withlacoochee Gulf Preserve and  Crystal River You just can’t afford to skip this island.

How to reach: Take a boat from Havelock Island to reach the island. The boat ride takes about half an hour to transfer you from Havelock to Inglis Island.

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So when are you planning for Andamans? Or have you already been to the magical place? Whatever it be, on your next trip to Andaman, don’t forget to include the aforementioned places on your travel itinerary. You can customize your travel to Andaman with un[travel]’s range of Andaman Customised Holiday Packages.




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