Why Rental Motor Bikes Are More Convenient For A Solo Traveler To Commute In Mumbai

Why Rental Motor Bikes Are More Convenient For A Solo Traveler To Commute In Mumbai

Why Rental Motor Bikes Are More Convenient For A Solo Traveler To Commute In Mumbai

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How good were those worry-free days when the world was pollution-free, we did not have to think about successfully adulting; we could leave for a day-prior planned vacation, take a motorbike on rent and chill with our friends by just roaming around!? What bliss! Over the years, we all grew up and are running to become a part of the ‘achieve everything’ race. Some made books and offices their lives while there are just a few lefts who are still holding on to their dream to explore the entire world. So today, we talk about the ones who are still holding their passion close to their hearts in this wrecked world.

Solo traveler or not, everybody has Mumbai on their wishlist. Some prefer experiencing this city like a tourist, while some become a Mumbaikars to feel the essence. For solo travelers, the best way to slip through this lousy traffic is by your motorbikes. So travel well and travel smart! Rent out a bike to enjoy your visit. There are many stores where you can find a bike on rent in Mumbai.

Let’s take a look at how rental motorbikes prove convenient for a traveler in a super crowded city like Mumbai.

1. The Experience

Imagine riding under a sky full of stars and dim moonlight. Moving ahead gets easier, the air feels cooler, the surroundings feel quieter and your life feels better. Are you getting the chills already? Even we are! Mumbaikars don’t usually get to enjoy this due to non-stop traffic but there is no harm in trying. Let us get out of our comfort zone and gain a much-awaited experience. Just slow down for a while and look around because if you see from our eyes, Mumbai has a lot to offer.

2. Improving Air Quality

Nowadays, we are so occupied by our luxuries that we have completely detached ourselves from nature. With global warming at its peak, it is time for us to understand our responsibilities and take measurable actions. In spite of sharing global warming posts, WhatsApp forwards, post likes and more, we travel every day from one end of the city to another with our vehicles. Are we really taking our responsibility seriously? Let us re-think. It is time to match our words with our actions and switch to improving air quality. Bikes are said to cut down pollution and by sharing bikes, the city can be saved from extra vehicles on the roads. They can drive around causing less pollution and contribute to improving air quality.

3. Ditch Traffic

Just like other metropolitan cities, Mumbai is also famous for its traffic, but with a bike by your side, it will make your life easier. As a traveler, you would want to experience everything including the traffic. It might be all fun in the beginning, but after a point of time, you will be exhausted. So would you prefer an easy escape from the traffic or get stuck with big vehicles? The bike will make your life easy in Mumbai due to easy sliding in between cars in traffic and will help you decide your own safety. Choose wisely!

4. Pocket-friendly

Though traveling in Mumbai by trains and buses is not very costly, who doesn’t love avoiding those peak hour crowds? There are the days when one is completely drained out and switches to cab for a while and regrets every other day. So, traveling here by cabs and autos might just cost you a fortune here. Why not stick to convenient riding options when you can ditch crazy
rush hours, high fuel expenses, vehicle maintenance, and more? As it is rental, you will save the cost of firstly purchasing a bike, transporting to places you travel and extra fuel price. You can use that money in exploring Mumbai’s hidden treasures and take home exclusive stories.

5. Improve Your Bike Riding Skills

While some inroads in Mumbai are as smooth as butter, there are many which are as rocky as mountains. If you think you are a great bike rider, it is time to test your riding skills in this city. You will experience different roads, different crowds, and different pace from time to time. At the end of the day, all of this will result in enhancing your riding skills and understand different technical aspects.

If you are confused about where to start and places which you should not miss out on, let us help you solve that mystery.

The Few Best Areas For Riding A Bike Around:

Some of the best areas, roads, and places to add some happy experiences to your journey are Nariman Point, Worli Sea Face, Yeoor Hills, Manori, Worli Sea Face, Aarey Milk Colony, Bandra-Kurla Complex Palm Beach Road, and more. Ride on these roads and avoid all the city-hustle.

There are several clubs that rule the roads with their cycles and enjoy the freedom. They are perfect to make some riding buddies and explore together. To name a few; The Musafir Motorcycle Club, Bombay Bikers Club, Royal Enfield Mumbai, Weekend Mantra, Mumbai Avenger Riding Meetup and many more. Choose your tribe and ride along.

Riding a bike has always meant freedom to us since childhood and teenage, but with the passing time, we are surrounded by technology and other travel options that we completely have forgotten about the child within us. It is time to ditch those cars, PlayStations, and everything that restricts us from stepping out. Bring out that teenager, wear your gear, hop on a bike and ride away. Along with saving the world, you might discover yourself on the way.



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