10 Amazing Places To Explore And Visit In Europe

10 Amazing Places To Explore And Visit In Europe

10 Amazing Places To Explore And Visit In Europe

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Europe is defined by vibrant cities, diverse cultures, awesome architecture, peace and stability, and the best nightlife in the world. The restaurants, the food, the museums, and the history are all worth immersing yourself into, regardless of which corner of the globe you are from. Every travel enthusiast needs to experience at least one European city in their lifetime. And because acquiring a visa to travel through Europe is easier than any other visa application process in the world; you don’t have any reason not to visit one of the best vacation destinations in Europe.

If you are intending to backpack across the continent but are finding it hard to get your visa approved for the lack of a confirmed flight itinerary, you can always liaise with a reliable travel agency to get a flight reservation. You don’t have to buy a ticket to get your itinerary approved. With that out of the way, now use this list to help you plan your next Europe trip.

1. Santorini, Greece

You will be swept off your feet by the caldera views that this holiday destination offers. The sunsets are incredible, the bike tours are the best in the world, and the hikes are both challenging and beautiful. Santorini is also home to some of the world’s most breathtaking black volcanic beaches, not to mention the countless affordable but luxurious hotels and restaurants. You will have a great time sampling local wines along the Mediterranean.

2. Wroclaw, Poland

Canals, bridges, and wonderful islands all around this “Polish Venice” are nothing short of charming. The fine architecture in this city is amazing and the buzzing community across the city are very hospitable. You will love the city’s botanical garden, markets, and town halls.

3. High Tatras, Slovakia

The most thrilling part about this part of the world is that brown bears are in plenty here despite being extinct everywhere else. This rugged neighborhood will also excite you for its plunging waterfalls and mesmerize you with its crooked peaks. It is definitely the most mythical part of Europe.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

You will absolutely love this wonderful city. It is the only major city in Europe that’s 100% pedestrian and bike-friendly. You will also love the great museums, diverse restaurants, laid-back vibe, and leafy parks.

5. Roma, Italy

The city of seven hills! This city is as mysterious as it is religious. You need to experience this mystery firsthand, go around the Vatican, and tour the enchanted suburbs of the city. There is something magical and enchanting about Rome that cannot be explained in writing.

6. Bilbao, Spain

This is arguably the friendliest city for family vacations all over Europe. The streets are calm, the people are friendly, and the alleys are always inviting you for an evening walk. The locals are sweet and the local delicacies are out of this world.

7. The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

The Arctic Coast Way cuts through four islands that are filled with natural wonders; from thunderous waterfalls to endless stretches of wilderness, to endless wildlife species, to steaming fumaroles, to colossal glaciers- you name them! You will see it all along this 800-km stretch. It also passes through 21 North Coast villages, all of which are extremely rich with culture. The outdoor sporting opportunities here are also immense. What’s more, there aren’t as huge crowds here as witnessed in other parts of Europe.

8. Colmar, France

No city beats Colmar when it comes to raw beauty, charm, and romance. It is a magical destination for both the old and the young. The art scene in this city is extremely vibrant and the museums tell all the history you need, both local and regional.

9. London, England

London is a hub for world-class sights and globally popular museums. The city is bursting with modern cafes, instagrammable restaurants, and surprisingly awesome shops and markets. Arguably the best city to shop in all of Europe!

10. Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Stari Most bridge is the main highlight, but the Bosnia geographically piggybacks are also a delight. This is a great city to visit during the months of summer because it doesn’t get crazy hot.

Europe is a touristy continent. There are tons of breathtaking sceneries to see, countless activities to engage in, and a thriving civilization to be part of. However, you need to book your flight and your accommodation early enough to avoid last-minute hustles. The cities are pretty crowded most of the time.



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